• India's Gold, Copper, Iron ore mine output declines in June: Ministry of Mines

    INDIA August 20 2013 11:45 AM

    MUMBAI (Scrap Register): India's gold, copper concentrate, diamond, iron ore, bauxite, zinc concentrate mine output dropped in June this year, as per the latest figures released by the India's Ministry of Mines.

    According to Ministry, world's largest bullion consumer India's gold mine output declined 2.3% month-on-month to 125 kilo gram in June this year and up slightly by 0.8% year-on-year. Country's mines produced 128 kilo gram of gold in May this year and 124 kilo gram in June last year.

    --India's copper concentrate output slipped by 0.1% month-on-month to 12, 000 tons in June.

    --Zinc concentrate production dropped by 7.6% month-on-month to 132,000 tons.

    --Iron ore output declined significantly by 12.6% month-on-month to 13,000,00 tons.

    --Diamond production declined sharply by 26.8% month-on-month to 2735 carat in June.

    --Bauxite output down significantly by 19.4% month-on-month to 1,530,000 tons.

    The index of mineral production of mining and quarrying sector was lower by 4.3% month-on-month in June this year and down by 3.9% from a year ago.

    The total value of mineral production (excluding atomic & minor minerals) in the country during June 2013 was Rs. 16892 crore.

    The contribution of petroleum (crude) was the highest at Rs. 5702 crore (34%).

    Next in the order of importance were: coal Rs. 5110 crore, iron ore Rs. 2494 crore, natural gas (utilized) Rs. 1836 crore, lignite Rs. 444 crore and limestone Rs. 377 crore. These six minerals together contributed about 95% of the total value of mineral production in June this year.

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