Brazil Stainless Sheet purchases plummet in September


BRAZILIA (Scrap Register): Brazil flat-rolled stainless steel products imports plummeted to 2009 mt during September, a decrease of 53.9% as compared to 4,362 mt a year early, as per the latest figures from the Ministry of Development & Foreign Trade data.

Brazil imported steel products registered in September were valued at $4.31 million FOB. In the same month last year, they were valued at $9.53 million FOB.

South Africa, Spain and China leads the origins for the imports, with 882 mt, 280 mt and 247 mt, respectively.

In the January-September period, total imports were 26,230 mt, valued at $49.65 million FOB. Volume dropped 42% from 45,216 mt a year earlier, while value slipped 54.2% from $108.39 million FOB.

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