India lays down conditions for ports on Un-shredded Metallic Scrap import


MUMBAI (Scrap Register): Un-shredded metallic scrap imports designated sea ports will have to install radiation portal monitors and container scanner with adequate security, according to the Commerce Ministry.

Listing the conditions governing clearance of imports of the scrap by sea ports, the existing 14 designated ports, including JNPT, Kandla, Paradip and Mumbai, will be allowed to import till March 31, 2017.

Only entry sea ports will be designated and notified for imports of these scraps. The procedure for designating ports for imports of un-shredded metallic scarp and handling of such items by inland container depots (ICDs) is also prescribed.

Sea ports after having installed the monitors and scanners will have to approach jurisdictional Customs for inspection and certification.

The Customs may give necessary clearance on receipt of certification from AERB (the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board). On getting clearance from the Customs, Scrap import designation for port will be notified by DGFT.

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