• Chinese Copper imports plummet by 26% y/y in September

    CHINA October 13 2016 6:15 PM

    SHANGHAI (Scrap Register): Chinese copper imports plummeted by 26% to 340,000 metric tons during the month of September from 455,258 tons a year earlier and up 2.9% against 350,000 tons in August, as per the latest Chinese Customs data.

    China, the world’s biggest producer and user of refined copper, cut imports for a sixth month to the lowest level since February 2015 as demand slowed and domestic production rose.

    Chinese copper imports in the first nine months rose 12 percent to 3.79 million tons.

    Ore and concentrates shipments totaled 1.39 million tonnes, down 4.1 percent from August and up 14.9 percent from last year.

    China's exported 390,000 tonnes of unwrought aluminum and aluminum products, including primary, alloy and semi-finished aluminum products, in September, down from August's 410,000 tonnes, but up 11.4 percent year-on-year.

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