Russia Ferrous Scrap exports to Turkey shoot up in July


MOSCOW (Scrap Register): Russian ferrous scrap exports during the month of July this year decreased about 6 percent when compared to same period last year, as per the latest Russian Federal Customs Service data.

Russia's total ferrous scrap exports during month of July was seen at 512686 tons against 545604 tons same period last year.

Russia's ferrous scrap exports to Turkey increased by about 54.2 percent year-on-year during the month of July. Turkey was the largest exporting destination during July with 218689 tons of ferrous scrap, about 43 percent of Russia's total exports.

The collective exports during the first seven months was down by 1.6 percent when compared to same period in 2015.

Russian scrap imports during July when compared with June this year increased 6.2 percent to 482812 tons, it is the highest level in two months.

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