US Shredded Scrap prices increase 20 percent during December


NEW YORK (Scrap Register): December buy-week saw even more dramatic prices rises than those seen in the same week of November.

US Midwest shredded scrap (del.Mill) saw an increase of 20 percent or $49 a long ton, taking it to $286 a long ton. This dramatic rise was unexpected in its magnitude, prompting the global scrap market to push up strongly in response, said the Steel Index.

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The US market appears to be receiving a great deal of support from the belief that President-elect Trump’s policies will revitalise the US industry, with scrap and steel riding at the forefront of this optimism.

Prices were flat for the remainder of the month, at $286 a long ton, while Turkey prices rushed to catch up, rising to $291 a ton.

The US market has been heard to be pricing up again in the New Year, domestic trade happening at $10-20 a long ton above December prices.

The strength of the export market remains a potential question mark. With US prices so strong, and Turkish mills already struggling with current prices, US exports may well take a hit as buyers look to cheaper EU or Baltic suppliers.

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