China aims to produce more Recycled Copper and Aluminum


BEIJING (Scrap Register): With the government's aim of using more recycled resources to be eco-friendly, China is looking forward to produce recycled copper and aluminum of 4.4 million tons and 9 million tons respectively by 2020.

The output target for 2020 is set at 44 percent and 57 percent higher than the recycled aluminum output of 3.05 million tons and 5.75 million tons in 2015.

The output target of 2.5 million tons and 2.1 million tons were set by China for recycled lead and zinc respectively which is 67% and 53% more than realized output of 1.5 million mt and 1.37 million mt back in 2015.

The growing Chinese recycled metal sector has greatly eased the supply and demand imbalance in primary metal resources, helping the country set up a circular economy, cutting emissions and saving energy.

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