Brazil starts antidumping investigation on austentic Stainless Steel


BRASILIA (Scrap Register): Against the austentic stainless tube imports from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, the Brazil government has started an antidumping investigation.

The imports between October 2015 and September 2016 are the main period that is tracked for the investigation. The Investigation is held on welded tubes of austenitic stainless steel (grades 304 and 316) of circular section, with an outside diameter of 6mm (1/4 inch) or more but less than 2,032 mm (80 inches), with a thickness of 0.40 mm or more and less than or equal to 12.70 mm, usually classified under HS codes 7306.40.00 and 7306.90.20.

Tubes and pipes producers Aperam Inox Tubos Brasil and Marcegaglia do Brasil was the one who filed the complaint on January 31. They are the major austenitic stainless steel producers in Brazil.

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