Global refined Copper production from Scrap increases sharply


LONDON (Scrap Register): Global refined copper production is estimated to have remained essentially unchanged in the first two months of this year with primary production (electrolytic and electrowinning) declining by 3% and secondary production (from scrap) increasing by 11%, according to the latest figures from International Copper Study Group (ICSG).

Increased availability of scrap allowed world secondary refined production to increase, notably in China. The main contributor to growth in world refined production was China (increase of 4%) followed by Mexico (14%) where expanded SX-EW capacity contributed to refined production growth.

However, overall growth was partially offset by a 16% decline in Chile, the second world leading refined copper producer, where both primary electrolytic refined production and electrowinning production declined.

Production also declined in the third and fourth world leading refined copper producers, namely, Japan (in electrolytic production from concentrates) and in the United Stat es (mainly in electrowinning output).

On a regional basis, refined output is estimated to have increased in Asia (3%), in Africa (2%) and in Europe (including Russia) (1.5%) while declining in the Americas (11%) and in Oceania (5%).

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