India Containerized Shredded Scrap import prices remain flat; Plastic Scrap prices display mixed trend


MUMBAI (Scrap Register): The containerized shredded scrap import weekly average prices in India showed a flat trend during the week ended June 16 this year, while major Indian plastic scrap prices on the Scrap Register Price Index displayed a mixed trend.

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According to customs data a bulk scrap vessel carrying around 25kt scrap ex-USA is set to arrive at Chennai port early next week.

Sources have also indicated that scrap importers in Bangladesh have turned active this week and are heard to have booked 3 or 4 vessels from Japan and Europe at around $300 a ton.

The plastic scrap commodities like Acrylic, C.P.W, HD Blowing, PVC resin desi traded lower on the Scrap Register Price Index during the week , while HD Moulding (Colour), LLDP Blowing, PVC pest grade ABS(bayr), API and Hips(Baff) showed a flat trend.

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