Samsung to reduce waste by retrieving Gold, Silver from banned Galaxy note 7


NEW YORK (Scrap Register): Last year Samsung electronics recalled their Galaxy Note 7 smart phone due to the problem, batteries prone to catch fire, and now they are planing to retrieve Gold and other metal from the phone in order to reduce waste.

Last year Galaxy note 7 smart phones were discontinued after their batteries were found to be prone to catching fire. The company is expecting to recover 157 tons of gold, silver, cobalt, copper and other metals from millions of recalled smart phones.

In a process to reduce waste, Samsung has already started to sell 0.4 million units of Galaxy Note FE phone made from the unused parts of recalled Galaxy Note 7. This crucial situation has caused the company by about more than $5 billion, which is the worst nightmare in the recent history of Samsung.

Galaxy Note 7's were banned from the Airlines on flight due to safety concerns and millions of smart phones were shipped back to Samsung. Environmentalists fault smart phones for increasing the amount of tech waste, though some experts note that by replacing other appliances they may actually decrease the amount of high tech related rubbish overall.

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