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    • 2017 February 27

      Australian Gold production hits 17-year high in 2016

      Australian gold production reached 298 tons during last year, its highest level since 1999, as higher bullion prices drove mining companies to dig deeper, according to the survey by Australian mining consultancy Surbiton Associates.

    • 2017 February 17

      How will air quality inspections affect Chinese Zinc Market?

      Tianjin, Hebei, Cangzhou and Hengshui have an agglomeration of galvanizers. Large steel tube/pipe plants reported slow sales due to weak demand and environmental protection factor, so they did not reach full operation, SMM said. 50% of galvanizers in Daqiu Village, Tianjin are still restricted as they have yet to complete coal-to-gas switch.

    • 2017 February 16

      Global Zinc market records a deficit of 286 kilo ton during 2016

      Global market for refined zinc metal recorded a deficit of 286 kilo ton during last year, as per the latest figures released by the International Lead and Zinc Study Group.

    • 2017 February 13

      Global Gold mining stay unchanged during 2016

      Indonesia saw the largest gains in Q4 (more than 7t yoy). This was due to the mining of higher grade ore – something of a current industry trend – at Grasberg, which promises to boost Indonesian production further in 2017. Production in Suriname also grew in Q4 (3t yoy), as Newmont’s Merian mine began commercial production in October.

    • 2017 January 18

      Citi expects upbeat earnings reports from Mining sector

      Aside from macroeconomic issues, Citi looks for these themes to be at the forefront during earnings season: an uptick in projects and exploration activities though companies are likely to be relatively cautious on capital allocation

    • 2017 January 17

      Supply discipline may be a major pricing factor for Iron Ore this year

      Production curtailments in 2016 amongst the top three producers Vale, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton, along with the Chinese financial stimulus package helped stabilize iron ore prices in the second half of 2016. The same three producers have scaled back their expansion targets for 2017.

    • 2017 January 10

      Jeffrey Nichols looks for Gold strength over next few years

      Gold fell while stocks rose since the November election of Donald Trump as U.S. president. However, despite the yellow metal’s recently disappointing performance, the price of gold is likely to zoom much higher in the years ahead, perhaps doubling or even tripling from recent lows by the end of President-elect Trump’s four-year term.

    • 2017 January 05

      China Copper Ore, Concentrate imports via Lianyungang hit all time high

      Chinese copper ore and concentrate imports through the port of Lianyungang hit an all-time high during last year. Copper ore and concentrate imports via Lianyungang were 1.35 million tons in 2016, up 73.65% year-on-year, topping the peak of 1.18 million tonnes last seen in 2013.

    • 2017 January 05

      Commodities and Mining sector may be volatile, sensitive to political events

      Brokerage SP Angel suggests commodities and shares of mining companies may become more volatile and sensitive to political action. Europe offers potential to influence commodity prices perhaps more on the downside. Mining equities are likely to continue to rise albeit in a volatile manner through the year.

    • 2016 December 30

      Can Chinese PMGs demand continue to grow in 2017?

      TDS looks for Chinese auto sales to outperform those in the U.S. and Europe, Dragosits reported. Chinese authorities recently announced an extension of tax incentives that helped 2016 sales.