Recycling News Global SCRAP REGISTER en-us 2018-02-19T11:26:23+01:00 Samsung to recycle Cobalt from phones and cars>uploads/news/2018/2/1055581471518695430 Rapidly intensifying demand from battery and tech companies is said to be a major driver. Recovering minerals from depleted batteries could add an estimated 25 000 tonnes of supply by 2025. Ghana taking the next step in E-recycling>uploads/news/2018/2/1218937461518693953 Ghana’s University of Cape Coast is set to lead the project, in partnership with the Ghana National Clean Production Centre City Waste Recycling Company Limited as well as Adelphi of Germany. UK to adopt Norway's Plastic bottle Recycling method>uploads/news/2018/2/4942829701518089545 In the UK the proportion of plastic bottles currently recycled is estimated at 50 per cent, and the country is facing a crisis over a build up of plastic waste. Chinese Recyclable waste import ban put major US cities under hassle>uploads/news/2018/2/18638541601517998195 China decided to ban the import of recycling materials in a desire to protect human health and safety, the vast majority recyclables it accepted were contaminated with dirty material, which can’t be recycled, and even dangerous compounds, like mercury. Aluminum Recycler Novelis’ net income shoots up 106% Q3 FY 18>uploads/news/2018/2/3962042571517912299 Novelis Inc., the world leader in aluminum rolling and recycling, has reported net income attributable to its common shareholder of $121 million for the third quarter of fiscal year 2018, compared to $63 million in the prior year period. Europe’s Paper Recycling rate reaches new heights of 72.5%>uploads/news/2018/2/14759210651517567195 On track to reaching its commitment of achieving a 74% paper recycling rate across Europe by 2020, the European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC) today revealed its latest figure of 72.5%. Western nation to reduce plastic use as China ban Plastic trash>uploads/news/2018/2/2562373331517485899 The ban on import of plastic scrap by China should be a signal for rich nations to increase recycling and cut down on non-essential products such as plastic drinking straws, the head of the U.N. Environment Program said on Monday. UK disagree with the EU new Recycling targets>uploads/news/2018/1/6526143321516796907 British Prime Minister Theresa May had revealed about the government’s 25 year environmental strategy, which included a promise to meet all current waste and recycling targets and to develop ambitious new ones, as well as action to reduce single-use plastics and increase plastic recycling. Coca-Cola to invest in developing Recyclable packaging to reduce Plastic>uploads/news/2018/1/6655110961516618548 Coca-Cola will invest in developing 100% recyclable packaging and reducing the amount of plastic in its bottles, by developing plant-based resins. It also hopes to make 450% of its bottles from recycled materials by 2030. American Fiber Green Products plans Fiberglass Recycling plant in Florida>uploads/news/2018/1/20457227181516355950 American Fiber Green Products has planed to build a fiberglass recycling plant in Tampa, Florida with construction beginning in the first quarter of 2018.