Recycling News Global SCRAP REGISTER en-us 2018-04-21T03:30:37+01:00 Aluminium beverage cans recycling increase by 72%>uploads/news/2018/4/18586860151523876723 Around 92% of the Aluminium packaging collected for recycling in the UK, is recycled within Europe; this demonstrates that there is more than sufficient capacity within the EU to recycle the Aluminium packaging recovered for recycling in the UK. Kimberly-Clark recycles safety eyewear>uploads/news/2018/4/288781881523626656 Kimberly-Clark Professional has expanded its RightCycle recycling program to include protective eyewear from nonhazardous industrial facilities, cleanrooms, and labs. Reclassifying Milk Could Boost Bottle Recycling>uploads/news/2018/4/9564050171523523048 British Columbia could recycle more milk containers if regulators considered milk a beverage rather than a food, argues the British Columbia Bottle & Recycling Depot Association. Connecticut unveils plan to fund Recycling infrastructure>uploads/news/2018/4/14951731951523277786 Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will work with the Closed Loop Fund (New York) to invest a targeted $5 million in recycling infrastructure projects across the state this year. Robots will sort Scrap in fully automated Swiss facility>uploads/news/2018/4/5618531271523023131 The sorting-line robots will handle large pieces up to 30 kilograms (66 pounds) at the fully automated facility, scheduled to begin operating in March 2019. Sogetri expects the facility to process more than 70,000 mt of commercial, industrial, and construction material a year and recover 80 percent of the infeed as scrap. US Recycling Industry responds to China’s announcement on Aluminum Scrap tariffs>uploads/news/2018/3/10944726301522240380 In 2017, the United States exported more than $1.1 billion worth of aluminum scrap to China, which has been in a positive trade balance for more than a decade. The Chinese Government’s announcement will impact this significant U.S. scrap export, spurring concern that exports of additional scrap commodities could be impacted in future announcements. Automobile Recyclers in Germany concern about carbon fiber in Cars>uploads/news/2018/3/8623794361521455389 Automobile recyclers in Germany have called on vehicle manufacturers to consider the potential environmental impacts of using carbon fiber to reinforce plastic. Huron Valley Steel plans to increase melt capacity in Alabama>uploads/news/2018/3/6792903351521454005 The new furnace will allow HVSC to expand its secondary aluminum alloy production in the South while serving current customers’ aluminum scrap needs, the company said in a press release. Inaugural Global Recycling Day: A call to action to increase recycling worldwide>uploads/news/2018/3/6720099511521462519 Global Recycling Day is an initiative of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) with ISRI serving as its first Federation Partner. The event aims to encourage policymakers around the world to recognize that scrap is a resource and not waste. ISRI 2017 annual report focusing on Scrap Industry’s victories, opportunities and challenges>uploads/news/2018/3/1834514121519971872 Many will look back at 2017 as the year China announced its ban on certain scrap imports. While this dramatically alters the landscape of our industry, many other changes are also taking place, causing the industry to continue to evolve as it has so many times in the past.