Recycling News Global SCRAP REGISTER en-us 2017-11-25T01:55:53+01:00 China’s Q3 Gold mine production marks fifth consecutive y-o-y decline>uploads/news/2017/11/8723279631510660542 Chinese gold mine production – the largest producer since 2007 – registered a fifth consecutive y-o-y decline in Q3. Recently imposed regulations, which target the discharge of cyanide in tailings, continue to bite and may impact production over several more quarters. India to increase Aluminium Scrap import to meet demand of growing automotive industry>uploads/news/2017/11/20848777261510145459 India is expected to increase Aluminium Scrap import to meet demand of growing automotive industry in coming years. India plans to set up scrap-based Steel plants>uploads/news/2017/10/11758369071508151988 Indian steel ministry has proposed to set up steel plants with scrap as the raw material in the northern and western part of the nation. Government is also planing to remove import duties on ferrous scarp entering the country to support scrap based steel makers as well as scrap industry. England to introduce Plastic bottle deposit return scheme to save pounds>uploads/news/2017/10/18465394981507725797 The government to introduce deposit return scheme (DRS) for plastic bottle and other drinks container, the Councils across England could save up to 35 million pound. China to pause Scrap import for Recycling>uploads/news/2017/10/2905235811507616854 China was the destination for many nation to dump all kind of scrap for recycling purpose, this process was continuing from almost 30 years, by doing so saved millions of tonnes of resources which funded many of recycling program globally. National Manufacturing Day puts key role of Recycling in US economy>uploads/news/2017/10/16321852981507527307 The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) has joined the celebration of National Manufacturing Day by highlighting the many positive contributions of the recycling industry to the U.S. manufacturing landscape. India slaps anti-dumping duty on certain Chinese Tyres>uploads/news/2017/9/19291993971505904054 The duty has been slapped on "new/unused pneumatic radial tyres with or without tubes and/or flap of rubber (including tubeless tyres) having nominal rim dia code above 16 (inch)" used in buses and lorries/trucks. EMR buys UK-based scrap merchant Metal and Waste Recycling>uploads/news/2017/9/10749692501504269131 European metal scrap recycler and exporter European Metal Recycling has bought UK-based scrap merchant and processor Metal and Waste Recycling. China introduces action plan to encourage domestic nonferrous metals Recycling>uploads/news/2017/8/5909925481504174726 In order to build a good green economy and also to boost the scrap recycling of domestic nonferrous metals sector, the Chinese government has issued an action plan, as per The National Development and Reform Commission. Coco Cola launches new Recycling campaign>uploads/news/2017/7/12683063371501505367 Coco Cola for the first time has launched a new campaign called Love Story, in United Kingdom encouraging consumers to recycle their plastic bottles.