Arab Steel Summit 2016

Starts on Monday, 2016 October 17
Ends on Wednesday, 2016 October 19
Venue Conrad Hotel, Dubai, UAE

DUBAI (Scrap Register): The Arab Iron and Steel Union (AISU) will organize its 2016 conference under the title,'The Arab Steel Summit 2016' from 17-19 October 2016 at Conrad Hotel, Dubai, UAE.

Concurrently, the World Steel Exhibition 2016 will be organized which will constitute a favorable environment for the companies to exhibit their iron and steel products or the innovations and latest technological solutions which help develop the productivity of the iron and steel industry.

Main Topics

-- The Arab Steel Industry: Competitive position and growth strategies.

-- Opportunities and trends of investment in the Arab steel industry.

-- Prospects for the world steel industry in the Arab countries.

-- Impact of oil price fluctuation on the development of the steel industry investments.

-- The Arab steel imports and exports.

-- The new technologies and their role in steel production.

-- Raw materials outlook, availability and their impact on the future growth of the steel industry.

-- Mergers & Acquisitions in the world steel industry and their impact on the market.

-- Development and growth trends in the steel industry around the world.

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