Aluminum Can Recycling increases significantly in UK


LONDON (Scrap Register): Around 9 billion aluminum cans sold in UK about 70 percent of can are being recycled, which is about 6.3 billion, as per the Aluminum Packaging Recycling Organisation, Alupro.

This rate was increased from 60 percent and 65 percent in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Lack of ambition from the UK government in setting targets for aluminum is the main factor that concerns fopr Alupro for the future recycling performance.

"With the UK being the largest beverage can market in Europe, and aluminium the dominant metal used for can manufacturing, the 70% milestone for aluminium cans makes a major contribution to the European metal packaging sector's ambition to reach and exceed an average 80% metal packaging recycling rate by 2025," Alupro reported to Reuters.

"We remain convinced that future growth in aluminium recycling performance is achievable within the current system, subject to a few revisions which will ensure all recycling is accurately reported and that behavior change programs are properly funded on a fair and equitable basis," as per Rick Hindley, executive director Alupro.

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