Rumors on China’s ban on Recycled materials import concerns US industries


BEIJING (Scrap Register): The concerns regarding the imported recycled materials to China is ruling high, as a U S recycling trade association has raised concerns over the rumor that China will ban or severely restrict the imports especially plastic with the major priority target.

Although this problem this has been a major concern, the ISRI President Robin Weiner stated that it is only a rumor that was circulated widely at the Bureau of International Recycling annual convention in Hong Kong in late May.

As per the ISRI, there was no specific comments by the Chinese government on the rumor, but some indications showed that they are having a talk about the ban but nothing official.

If China bans the import of recycled materials, then it will be a huge blow for U S industries. Although other countries in South east Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Latin America and Middle East are also an import destination, by replacing China will not be easy.

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