Hindustan Copper to expand mine capacity to three fold


MUMBAI (Scrap Register): In order to increase the mine capacity to three fold, Hindustan Copper is looking forward to invest around Rs 5000 crore over the next four years.

India's only only integrated copper producer is waiting for the approval for CCEA approval for setting up a Rs 3025 crore plant to manufacture copper carhodes using advanced hydro metallurgy technology, as per HCL chairman.

"We have received eight bids in response to expressions of interest for development of two mines at Rakha and at Chapri-Sideswari in Jharkhand alongwith the concentrate plant," The HCL official quoted.

Around Rs 2100 crore will be spent on raising the mine capacity from 3.2 million ton per year to 12 million tons per year in the next four years. Mine developers and operator to pump are invited bu HCL in order to pump in Rs 1,200 crore for setting up a three million tonne concentrate plant and developing two mines.

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