Brazil to abolish vast national treasure for mining


BRAZILIA (Scrap Register): Brazil government is looking forward to destroy a vast national treasure in Amazon to open up area for mining.  The area, covering 46000 sq km, positioning the northern states of Amapa and Para, and is thought to be rich in Gold, and other minerals.

The government stated that nine conservation and indigenous land areas within it would be legally protected. The activist in the country has raised voice against the destruction of national treasure, as they share concerns that the area could be badly affected.

“The objective of the measure is to attract new investments, generating wealth for the country and employment and income for society, always based on the precepts of sustainability,” the Ministry stated.

The size of the area is larger than Denmark and only about 30 percent of the total area is considered to be open for mining. The mining and energy ministry says protected forest areas and indigenous reserves will not be affected.

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