China introduces action plan to encourage domestic nonferrous metals Recycling


BEIJING (Scrap Register): In order to build a good green economy and also to boost the scrap recycling of domestic nonferrous metals sector, the Chinese government has issued an action plan, as per The National Development and Reform Commission.

By the year 2020, China is planning to increase the lift the ratio of recycled aluminum in national refined aluminum output to 20 percent from the 15 percent registered during 2015.

During the period they are also planning to increase the ratio of recycled copper by 27 percent from 25 percent quoted during 2015 and lead to 45 percent from 33 percent when matched with 2015.

The refines copper demand in China is estimated to increase to 13.5 million tons with an average annual growth rate of 3.3 percent over 2016-20, from the demand of 11.47 million tons seen during 2015, as per the estimation of MIIT.

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