North Korea to start Bitcoin mining


PYONGYANG (Scrap Register): Amid new sanctions released about bitcoin mining, North Korea is on the brink to have found a new way to fund its regime, as per report released by an intelligence research firm Recorded Future.

Although no actual size of bitcoin mining by North Korea is known like how many bitcoin they can generate per certain time period, it is certain that some activities are seen.

“In-depth analysis of North Korean internet activity reveals informed, modern, and technologically savvy ruling elite,” said the report titled North Korea’s Elite Are Not Isolated.

While there are no reliable numbers of North Korean internet users, reporters estimate anywhere from ‘only a very small number’ to ‘the inner circle of North Korean leadership’ to ‘just a few dozen families.’ Regardless of the exact number, the profile of a North Korean internet user is clear; trusted member or family member of the ruling class, the report stated.

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