AISI again rebukes China for WTO rule violations


WASHINGTON (Scrap Register): In a submission to the interagency Trade Policy Staff Committee (TPSC), led by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) provided the Trump Administration with evidence that China continues to fail to comply with its World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments.

China’s continued violation of global trading rules has significant impacts on global steel trade and significantly harms steelmakers in the United States.

The submission signed by AISI’s Senior Vice President of Public Policy and General Counsel, Kevin Dempsey, details how China continues to subsidize heavily its steel industry, while also implementing other trade distorting measures that are in violation of its WTO obligations to provide an unfair advantage to its steel industry.

“Now more than 15 years after it acceded to the WTO, China continues to fail to comply with its WTO obligations. This trend continues to be a major problem for steel producers in the United States, other U.S. manufacturers, and the broader U.S. economy,” said Dempsey.

“AISI strongly urges the U.S. government to recognize China’s compliance failures and adopt a more aggressive strategy that is commensurate with the scope and severity of China’s failure to comply with its WTO obligations,” Dempsey added.

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