India to impose 20% export duty on Graphite Electrodes


Scrap Register (MUMBAI): The Indian government is to impose a 20% export duty on graphite electrodes from April 1, according to the International Rebar Producers & Exporters Association (Irepas).

The Indian government has included a provision to change customs tariffs for certain products including electrodes in its 2018 finance bill, which is currently being debated and is expected to be put to a vote for approval by the end of March.

The provision was included in the bill in an effort to “improve domestic [electrode] supplies and promote the electric-arc furnace (EAF) route of steelmaking in the country,” Irepas said in its latest report.

Indian exports of graphite electrodes increased 49% year-on-year in January-October 2017, rising to 64,379 tonnes, according to statistics collated by India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

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