China's Bauxite imports up 31.7% in 2017


BEIJING (Scrap Register): China imported around 68.55 million tons of bauxite in 2017, advanced by 31.7% from 2016. The monthly average imports of bauxite were around 5.7 million, accounting for 40.33% of the total annual bauxite consumption in China.

In 2017, Chinese aluminum oxide production was around 70.6 million tons.

The experts estimated that the degree of dependence on foreign trade for Chinese bauxite might reach more than 50% in 2018.

In 2017, China mainly imported bauxite from Guinea, Australia, Johor of Malaysia and Brazil, accounting for 40.3%, 37.2%, 7% and 4.8% of the total annual bauxite imports, respectively.

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