Ferrometal Group plans to transfer its Patent, Licences, Business in West Africa, Senegal


A Spanish company based in Madrid, is looking for transferring its Patent, Licences, Business and land of 315 Ha land (subsized from the government for 49+49 years) in West Africa, Senegal.

This Land is with coast entry, a green patent of dismantling ships with engineering project of Green Technology, with a capacity of 2 million tons of scrap per year.

All necessary documents and licences from the government of Senegal are obtained.

This 315 Ha land can also be used to build a Logistics Park, Housing and Renewable Energy Projects.

We also would like to transfer the Similar Patent, Technology, Land and Licences to set up a Ship Dismantling Project in Coruña Port, Spain.

The above two projects of Spain - Coruña and Senegal are also eligible to avail funds by European Union.

Also, in the part which it says that it produce 2 millions tons of scrao, we would like to ad, using only 3000 workers, 30% of the workers (900 workers)  can be indians, from all range of work, with a salary between 200 -300 Euros/ month.

For more information, visit www.ferrometalgroup.com , www.agromansenegal.com

Contact: Spain: +34 917815696, +34 603354271 India: +91 7096916242 / +91 9624769786 (our associate in india)

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