Aluminium beverage cans recycling increase by 72%


LONDON (Scrap Register): The recycling rate for Aluminium drinks cans continues to increase year on year, hitting 72% in 2017 (up from 70% in 2016), whilst the national recycling rate for all Aluminium packaging reached 51% (up from 50% in 2016). Data shows that almost 100% is recycled within Europe.

According to packaging waste recovery data, recently released by the Environment Agency, Aluminium packaging easily achieved its 2017 business target.

Data also shows that 92% of the Aluminium packaging collected for recycling in the UK, is recycled within Europe; this demonstrates that there is more than sufficient capacity within the EU to recycle the Aluminium packaging recovered for recycling in the UK.

Aluminium packaging has an intrinsic value. The issue is encouraging consumers to recognise Aluminium packaging as an extremely cost-effective material to recycle, through education and effective communications.

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