China's March Aluminum exports hit highest level since June 2017


BEIJING (Scrap Register): Exports of aluminium from the People’s Republic of China reached nine-month highs in March, cashing in on higher prices for the metal.

According to experts, the limited impact of the Trump administration’s blanket 10-percent tariffs upon all imported aluminium was due largely to the fact that the tariff did not come into effect until the latter third of the month.

In addition, sanctions levied earlier this month may well push exports higher, as analysts see the sanctions as almost certainly disruptive to established aluminium trade flows throughout the world.

As per China’s General Administration of Customs, exports of raw aluminium and aluminium products were 10.2-percent better than last March’s overall total, coming to 452 thousand metric tons for the month. That total represents the fourth-highest volume of exports in a single month ever recorded by the administration.

Exports in the month were 22.2 percent above those of February, which totaled 370 thousand metric tons.

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