US Aluminium, Copper scrap exports increase despite Chinese ban


NEW YORK (Scrap Register): In the first quarter of 2018 Aluminium scrap exports of US has actually increased despite a reduction in shipments to China. Total overseas deliveries advanced by 9% year on year to 386 910 tonnes whereas exports to China fell 7.2% to 177 553 tonnes, according to latest figures from the US Census Bureau and US International Trade Commission.

Compared to the first quarter of 2017, India and Malaysia were among those countries to massively hike their imports of US aluminium scrap - the former by 146.8% to 27 516 tonnes and the latter by more than 370% to 20 179 tonnes.

US shipments to South Korea increased by 13.6% to 49 723 tonnes and Mexico hike by 20.4% to 39 292 tonnes, also climbed significantly for US copper and copper alloy scrap exports.

US deliveries to Malaysia and Thailand surged from virtually nothing in the opening quarter of last year to, respectively, 11 089 tonnes and 4932 tonnes in January-March this year.

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