India’s first E-waste plant to set up in Bengaluru


BENGALURU (Scrap Register): The Central Institute of  Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET), a research institute that comes under the Chemicals and Fertilizers ministry, will set up India’s first E-waste recycling unit in Bengaluru and is likely to be ready in the next four months.

India’s technology capital which produces an estimated one lakh ton of electronic waste a year is on the rise, and estimated to reach 52 lakh tons in 2020.

Bengaluru, which accounts for about a third of India’s software exports, occupies third place in the country in producing E-waste.

The CIPET says it has developed technologies for recycling E-waste plastics into value-added products for various applications including electrical and electronic components and structural composites.

The setup would broadly design eco-friendly techniques of managing and processing the E-waste in an organised manner.

India generates about 18 lakh tonne ewaste a year, which is growing at 30% annually. Of this, about 5% is bought by the 153 approved recyclers and dismantlers and the rest is picked up by the unorganised sector which extracts whatever value it can and dumps large parts of it into landfills.

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