Rusal Aluminium exports shoot up 49 percent m/m in June


LONDON (Scrap Register): Rusal, the world’s largest Aluminium producer, was placed under US sanctions in April, in response to Russia’s alleged interfering in US elections, had increased Aluminium exports by 49 % in June.

After Washington put the company and its co-owner on a blacklist Rusal, saw its exports and internal supply chain crippled.

Co-owner and his group are attempting to convince the US Treasury Department to lift the sanctions, which stipulate that US customers must wind down business with Rusal by Oct 23.

In the meantime, Aluminium shipments continue, with Rusal smelters shipping 294,000 tonnes abroad in June, as per data from Russian Railways.

The company’s exports of Aluminium in the period between January and June this year, at 1.27 million tonnes, were 9 percent lower than during the same period the previous year.

Last year, Rusal, sold a total of 3.95 million tonnes of Aluminium, of which 42 % was shipped to Europe.

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