RAA starts Recycling education campaign in response to US Recycling crisis


NEW YORK (Scrap Register): In response to United States recycling crisis including the shutdown of 1,000 California recycling centers, nonprofit organization Recycle Across America launches largest recycling campaign in United States history.

The chronic confusion at the bin has led people to throw millions of tons of garbage in recycling bins, and that contamination cripples the economics of recycling. 

China, which used to purchase a third of U.S. recycling, enacted the Green Fence Policy in 2013 warning the U.S. to clean up the recyclables. Without seeing improvements with the contamination levels, in January 2018 China announced the Green Sword Policy banning the purchase of most U.S. recyclables due to the contamination. 

Many of the TV/billboard/print/social media ads features simple tips for proper recycling and introduces the society-wide standardized labeling solution for recycling bins, which makes it possible for people everywhere to recycle right.

The "Let's" Campaign features a cross-section of recognizable influencers and celebrities who have donated their time, likeness and influence to help resolve this crisis.

"We are beyond grateful to have an ever-growing collective group of influencers, media companies, municipalities, political leaders, brand leaders, and bin manufacturers unite around this critical education campaign and recycling solution at a time when it is most needed," said Mitch Hedlund, Founder of Recycle Across America. 

"Just as standardized road signs make it easy for people to drive safely, standardized labels on bins make it easy for people to recycle right. This isn't an awareness campaign; this is a 'solutions' campaign -- together we will solve the crisis," Hedlund added.

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