India's E-waste production to touch 3 million tons by the end of 2018


MUMBAI (Scrap Register): E-waste production in the country is predicted to touch a whopping 3 million tons (MT) by the end of 2018. While industries contribute to 70% of e-waste, Indian households contribute to almost 15% and the rest comes from discarded or ‘end of life’ electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). India is one of the fastest growing consumers of EEE.

According to the survey, conducted by e-waste management company Cerebra Green and MAIT , analysed responses sourced from 600 individuals across key metros. About 80% of Indians are aware of e-waste but as many as 50% may be hoarding atleast two or more old and unused devices at home that need to be discarded.

About 68% of those surveyed also stated that they do not view local waste collectors as an option to dispose e-waste. The belief is reflected by the waste collectors themselves as 72% of the participants stated that local waste collectors do not pick up e-waste in their area. This has forced 90% of the citizens to dispose e-waste by means of online exchanges or local electronics vendors.

It was, however, encouraging to note was that 83% of those surveyed stated that they would be extremely willing to properly dispose their e-waste if assured of the environmentally-safe nature of the disposal process.

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