Thailand to ban import of Plastic Waste by 2021


BANGKOK (Scrap Register): Thailand will restrict import of all Plastic Waste by 2021, it will be the latest country in South East Asia to take policy-level action against a rising inflow of foreign Plastic scrap, most of which comes from food and beverage packaging.

The ban was initially announced in June. According to Thai industrial works a halt on related import is already in place, but it will be two years before existing import licenses expire, and the policy is fully implemented.

Thailand’s move came after public outcry in the country over recycling plants and importers flouting regulations and bringing contaminated Plastic into the country for processing.

Thailand is joining neighbours such as Vietnam and Malaysia in cracking down on import and processing licenses this year, and closing its doors to Plastic scrap.

Large exporters like the UK, Japan and the United States increased their reliance on Thailand as a Plastic Waste importer after China stopped almost all its Plastic scrap imports in January. 

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