EU urges India to pull back extended quality certification on Steel imports


LONDON (Scrap Register): European Union has urged India to drop Indian Steel Ministry’s decision in June to extend the Bureau of Indian Standards’ (BIS’) mandatory quality certification system on 16 more Steel imports, including stainless Steel plates, sheets and strips.

The order, first passed in 2016, now covers 50 carbon Steel and three stainless Steel products.

EU has demanded New Delhi to accept the tests carried out in foreign accredited laboratories attesting compliance with Indian standards.

Since India is both an importer and exporter of Steel and Steel products, the government is under pressure, like most other Steel producing economies, to keep imports under check. 

India had argued in a previous meeting that the BIS standards were necessary in order to take into account the manufacturing practices of India, and therefore international standards are insufficient.

Countering the argument, the EU said in its statement that the procedure is disproportionate for low-risk products and unjustified on health and safety grounds.

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