Global secondary Copper production from Scrap climbs 12% in Jan-Aug


LONDON (Scrap Register): Global refined copper production is estimated to have increased by 1% in the first eight months of 2018 with primary production (electrolytic and electrowinning) declining by 1.3% and secondary production (from scrap) increasing by 12%, according to the International Copper Study Group (ICSG).

The main contributor to growth in world refined production was China due to its continued expansion of capacity. Production in Chile was up by 4% mainly supported by a 9% increase in primary electrolytic production as output was constrainedin the comparative period of 2017 due to a series of smelter maintenance shutdowns.

Production in Indonesia and Japan was alsosubstantially higher, recovering from reduced output last yearas a consequence ofa strike and maintenance shutdown respectively.

Increases in electrowinning (SX-EW) output in the DRC and Zambia also contributed to world refined production growth.

However, overall growth was partially offset by a 29% decline inIndia’s output due to the shutdown of Vedanta’s Tuticorin smelterin April and declines in production in Australia, the Philippines, Poland, and the United States as a consequence of maintenanceshutdowns and operational issues.

On  a  regional  basis,  refined  output  is  estimated  to  have  increased  in  Africa  (10%),  Asia  (1%)  and  Latin  America  (3%)  whileremaining essentially unchanged in Europe and declining in North America (-4%) and Oceania (-8%).

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