Chinese Tin demand falls by 10% during Jan-Sept


SHANGHAI (Scrap Register): Chinese apparent tin demand fell by 10 percent during January to September this year, as compared to previous year, according to World Bureau of Metal Statistics.

Global reported production of refined tin was down by 2 kt, compared with the January to September 2017 total.

Production in Asia was 2.4 kt lower than the January to September 2017 total. Chinese trade data has just become available following a six-month delay for technical reasons.

The tin market recorded a deficit of 9.7 kt during January to September 2018 and there were no DLA deliveries during the period. Total reported stocks were 2.4 kt higher than at the end of 2017.

Global tin demand during January to September was 283 kt which was 2 per cent below the comparable period of 2017. Japanese consumption was 21.1 kt which was 0.7 kt below the comparable total for January to September 2017.

In September 2018 refined production was 31.3 kt and consumption was 32.9 kt.

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