US Plastic Scrap exports plunge during Jan-Oct


NEW YORK (Scrap Register): United States recorded sharp decline in exports of Plastic Waste and Scrap during the period Jan-Oct of the current year. Exports were down by 28.17% to a total $392.36 million against the total of $546.22 million during the corresponding ten-month period in 2017, according to the latest data released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Canada was the primary destination of United States Plastic Scrap exports. The exports to that country increased marginally by nearly 2% year-on-year to total $58.74 million. The U.S. exports to Malaysia and Hong Kong totaled $54.96 million and $46.28 million respectively. The other two major importers were India ($42.31 million) and Thailand ($39.9 million).

The combined shipments to the above top five foreign markets totaled $242.2 million of Scrap Plastics, accounting for almost 62% of the total U.S. Exports.

Meantime, imports of Plastic Scrap surged by 12.13% during the ten-month period of the year. The country imported $203.09 million, higher by 12.13% when matched with the Jan-Oct ’17 imports of $181.11 million.

The top exporter to the United States was Mexico, whose exports witnessed nearly 19% jump over the previous year. The shipments from the neighboring country totaled $84 million, representing over 41% of total U.S. imports.

The other main supplier was Canada with shipments of $40.18 million. The above two countries were responsible for more than 61% of the total imports of Plastic Scrap by the U.S.

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