Rising Recycling costs weigh US Scrap Recyclers


NEW YORK (Scrap Register): Local recyclers in US are facing a number of challenges, recyclers are struggling to cope with increasing financial pressures involving plunging prices for scraps, higher trucking costs, increasing difficulties with consumers sorting trash, and concerns about President Donald Trump’s trade wars.

Contaminated scraps which are not properly sorted are tough to be recycled and are disposed in landfills. Recyclers have to pay to sort it out and haul it to a landfill.

Single-use plastic bags jam equipment that is designed to sort out aluminium, paper and glass creating more problems for scrap dealers. Recycling firms are passing on the cost of sorting to their consumers in the form of rate hikes.

Additionally, the Trump administration’s trade wars with China and other countries that are potential importers of scraps is now hurting prices for used aluminium beverage cans.

China, which used to import more than US$5.6 billion worth of recyclables from the U.S., has now imposed about 50% tariffs on import of scraps from U.S.

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