Japan's Steel output slips 1.9% to 102.89 MT in FY18


TOKYO (Scrap Register): Japan's crude steel output in fiscal 2018, which ended March 2019, fell 1.9% year-on-year to 102.89 million tonnes, reflecting two consecutive years of decline, according to the latest data released by the Japan Iron & Steel Federation (JISF).

Within the fiscal 2018 total, production by converter was down 3% year-on-year at 76.85 million tonnes, while those by electric furnaces rose 1.8% year-on-year to 26.04 million tonnes.

Meanwhile, crude steel output in March, the final month of fiscal 2018, was 9.08 million tonnes, unchanged year-on-year, but 17.3% higher from February at 7.74 million tonnes.

Within this total, production by converter hovered on year, but rose 19.6% from February to 6.78 million tonnes, while output by electric furnaces was at 2.3 million tonnes, down 0.1% year-on-year, but up 11.1% month-on-month, the JISF data showed.

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