Showa Denko Group recycles 4.79 million used Aluminium cans in FY 2018 -19


TOKYO (Scrap Register): Japanese firm Showa Denko (SDK), its Group companies, and their cooperative companies continued to perform aluminum can recycling activity in FY 2018 ended March 2019, collecting approximately 4.79 million cans: equivalent to about 75 tons of aluminum when converted at the rate of 15.7 grams of aluminum per can.

Showa Aluminum Can Corporation started its aluminium can recycling drive in 1972, which later spread across the Showa Denko Group in 2001 and continued till date. SDK has an in-house program to educate employees about aluminium can recycling. Employees are encouraged to participate in recycling activities and appreciated officially according to the employees' participation rate or volume of collected cans. In FY 2018, 96.9% of all Group employees or about 7,867 employees participated in the activity in Japan.

The Group purchases the collected aluminium cans and recycled mainly by Showa Aluminum Can Corporation to produce new aluminium cans to contain beverages.

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