Australia revises AD duty range on South African Steel wire rope imports


CANBERRA (Scrap Register): After the anti-circumvention investigation, the Australian Anti-Dumping Commission has revised the definition of anti-dumping duties on steel wire rope from South African. It was pointed out that South Africa exporters were selling their steel wire rope with one extra strand in order to avoid tariffs.

The investigation was based on the application by Bekaert Wire Ropes Pty Ltd. The company said the South African exporters sold the nine-strand wire ropes into the Australian market to escape from the anti-dumping duties.

Therefore, the products under HS code 731210 will be imposed an anti-dumping duty which was traced back from February 11th, 2019, and the nine-strand ropes will be involved.

The tariff on steel wire rope was firstly imposed on December 18th, 2017.

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