Lithium Australia Recycles Lithium from spent batteries


WEST PERTH (Scrap Register): Battery minerals developer Lithium Australia has recovered lithium from spent lithium-ion batteries, offering a sustainable solution to the major recycling challenge of batteries being disposed in landfill.

The company has announced that it has successfully produced refined lithium phosphate (LP) using spent lithium-ion batteries as a feedstock and is now using the recycled LP to produce new lithium-ferro-phosphate (LFP) cathode powder. This LFP powder will then be used to make coin cells to test performance of “re-birthed” cathode materials.

In addition, the process recovered other battery metals including nickel and cobalt in a concentrate form that would make them suitable for commercial refining.

According to Lithium Australia managing director Adrian Griffin, few recycling operations around the world can currently recover lithium from lithium-ion batteries, meaning the company’s process has the potential to not only “improve the sustainability” of lithium-ion batteries but also “ease future supply constraints that may prove problematic to the industry”.

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