US Brass mill products imports fall 5.2% in June


WASHINGTON (Scrap Register): United States imports and exports of brass mill products declined in June 2019 compared with the corresponding period in 2018, the Copper and Brass Fabricators Council said in its monthly report.

Imports of brass mill products in June 2019 totaled 43,764,859 pounds compared to 46,142,002 in June 2018, a decrease of 5.2 percent. Exports totaled 18,322,084 pounds in June 2019, a decrease from 21,234,185 in June 2018, a 14 percent decrease.

Imports of brass mill products during January to June 2019 totaled 260,118,217 pounds compared to 256,928,262 pounds through June 2018 YTD, an increase of 1.2 percent. Exports during the period totaled 110,546,351 pounds compared to 131,907,532 pounds in the same 2018 period, a decrease of 16.2 percent.

Mexico was the leading destination for U.S. exports of brass mill products in June at 6,623,979 pounds followed by Canada at 5,933,703 pounds, China at 814,941 pounds, Brazil at 719,489 pounds, and Japan at 478,345 pounds.

Imports from Germany in June 2019 totaled 8,684,321 pounds, followed by Mexico at 4,096,868 pounds, South Korea at 3,739,185 pounds, Canada at 3,710,961 pounds, and Japan at 2,743,867 pounds.

Imports of all sheet, strip, plate and foil products totaled 14,526,877 pounds while exports of those products totaled 6,039,865 pounds.

Imports of all pipe and tube products totaled 17,553,528 pounds while pipe and tube exports totaled 3,917,259 pounds. Imports of all profiles, rods and bars totaled 8,278,639 pounds while exports totaled 7,125,971 pounds.

Imports of copper alloy wire totaled 3,405,816 pounds while exports totaled 1,238,990 pounds.

Brass mill products are widely used in building construction, automotive products and in electronic and electrical applications.

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