US Aluminium Scrap exports to South Korea remain steady during May-Oct 2019


WASHINGTON (Scrap Register): The United States export of aluminium scrap to South Korea has remained steady with a total volume of 134,000 tonnes in six months from May-Oct’19.

The total export to South Korea in nine months from Jan-Oct’19 was recorded at 227,000 tonnes, with 14.64% growth and in volume by 29000 tonnes from the previous year. In 2018 the total aluminium scrap to South Korea was 198,000 tonnes.

During May’19 export volume to South Korea stood at 21,100 tonnes, while in June’19 it was recorded at 22,500 tonnes, a rise of 6.63%.

In July’19 the US export of Aluminium scrap to Korea reflected with 19,600 tonnes, dip by 12.88%. Again the export rose by 18.36% in August’19, with a total volume of export remained at 23,200 tonnes.

September’19 showed a flat rise of Aluminium scrap export to South Korea by 1.72%, the volume of export was 23,600 tonnes. The month of October’19 also showed a steady move by exporting 24,000 tonnes, a growth of 1.69%.

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