210Geeks.com, LLC

Our goal as a company is to reduce waste, while always driving down our bottom line so we’re able to provide the average person with affordable & reliable technology solutions, for both their home & business. We believe in reducing, reusing & recycling to keep a balance between technology & the environment.

-- A technology company based in San Antonio, Texas.
-- Has always been to provide quality services and equipment at reasonable & competitive prices.
-- Fast turn around, no cutting corners, investing in reliable industrial & large scale state of the art diagnostic equipment that smaller shops won’t have, and doing it right the first time based on our proven experience and methods.
-- Offer a lower cost to our customers, but still provide current & reliable technologies & equipment, down to legitimate software that follows all industry guidelines.
-- There has to be a good balance between technology and the environment, so on top supplying refurbished/reused technology, we also properly recycle it for the greater good of the earth.

Materials Accepted

Electronic Scrap

SL NO Materials Name
1 Hard Drives
2 Cellphones
3 Keyboards / Mice
4 Printers
5 Processors
6 CDs/DVDs
7 Floppy Disks
8 LCD Monitor
9 Speakers
10 Tablets

Contact Company

Yard Locations

210Geeks.com, LLC
San Antonio,Texas
United States
ZIP: 78216,
Contact Number: 210-340-3680,
Email: sales@210geeks.com,
Website: https://210geeks.com/,

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