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For waste collection Surrey and recycling services then look no further than AKJ Waste and Recycling. We believe it is essential to send as little waste collected in Surrey to landfill as possible.AKJ Waste Collection and Recycling provide an environmentally friendly and efficient waste disposal service to customers around Surrey. Our recycling service in Surrey enables us to recycle much of the waste we collect. This enables us to reduce our costs dramatically and our prices to our clients as low as possible.

Hazardous Waste Collection Surrey
From the 16th July 2005 some types of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) have been classified as hazardous waste these include TV’s, computer monitors, and fluorescent tubes. Most producers of hazardous waste in England and Wales need to register with the environment agency. Hazardous waste needs to be recovered or disposed of at properly authorised sites.

We specialise in a number of domestic and commercial waste disposal services:

  • Office Recycling and Bin Collection

  • Provision of Waste and Recycling Bins

  • One-off Waste Collection and Disposal

  • Weekly Bin Collections

  • Roll-On / Roll-Off Bin Services

  • Confidential Document Disposal

  • Confidential Hard Drive Disposal

  • Commercial Property Clearance

  • Home & Garage Clearance

RECYCLING Services Surrey

At AJK Recycling Services Surrey we see how much it’s possible to recycle, we know and understand what a valuable resource everyday waste can be. Call AJK and we will collect all of your paper, cardboard and plastic, from wherever it’s stored. We can then issue a certificate of confirmation once we have recycled your waste.

We are happy to collect and take away your recycling waste. However, we would rather you didn’t throw away anything at all! We are firm believers in Reduce – Re-use – Recycle and we would ask you always to consider how you are consuming the materials around you. It is always possible, through a few simple changes, to dramatically cut down on what you consider ‘rubbish’ or ‘waste’.AKJ Waste and Recycling Services Surrey issue a certificate of destruction which states our waste carriers licence and hazardous waste licence number.

Reduce the volume of disposable materials you consume:

  • How many of those great offers at the supermarket do you throw away? Buy only what you need.

  • Buy products with environmentally friendly packaging, or no packaging at all!

  • Did you know the average baby gets through 5000 nappies? Reusable nappies are better for landfill and they are much cheaper!

  • Buy items that can be refilled or recharged, such as batteries, pens and razors

  • Remove yourself from any mailing lists you never read (works for email too!)

Household Waste Collection Surrey
Waste collection Surrey by AKJ Waste and Recycling offering a host of low cost household clearance services. We collect all sorts of household rubbish from your home including garden waste. Our flat bed trucks offer an adaptable rubbish collection service in Surrey that is generally cheaper than hiring a skip.

Scrap Car Collection Surrey

Thinking of scrapping your car?Then AKJ Waste offer a simple and quick scrap car collection service, we might even pay you! We will consider unwanted cars or other vehicles, high mileage cars, MOT failures, scrap vehicles, unfinished projects, uneconomical to repair vehicles and old and neglected vehicles that have been sitting on your drive, in your garage or back yard.

AKJ Waste and Recycling are considered to be one of Surrey’s premier waste disposal and recycling companies. They are now bringing their expertise to the house clearance market. You can rest assured that they will provide a thoroughly professional and experienced service. AKJ carry full public liability insurance for your piece of mind.AKJ are proud members of Checkatrade and work to Environment Agency guidelines at all times. You can rely on their trustworthy staff and friendly nature. Call today for a free, no obligation quotation.

Materials Accepted

Plastic Scrap

SL NO Materials Name
1 #1 & # 2 Plastic
2 Mixed plastic bottles

Paper Recycling

SL NO Materials Name
1 Newspaper
2 Cardboard

Glass Scrap

SL NO Materials Name
1 Jam jars
2 CRV Glass bottles

Scrap Metals

SL NO Materials Name
1 Aluminum

Contact Company

Yard Locations

AKJ Waste and Recycling
United Kingdom

Contact Number: 020 8393 3608 , 07850 871 111,
Email: tony@akjwasteandrecycling.co.uk,
Website: http://www.akjwasteandrecycling.uk/,

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday:8:00 am to 6:00 pm

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