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Alandro Resources was officially established in 2013 by a group of experienced executives that combined have over 20 years in the recycling industry. As a full service recycling company, we have established relationships and a facility with state-of- the art equipment that provides us the ability to offer our customers full-service recycling services in the South Texas Region and Northern part of Mexico. Plastics, metals, electronics, and papers are among the materials we buy and sell on an-going basis.

With our established business and reputation, we seek at all times the satisfaction of our suppliers and customers. And we implement ideas and objectives to all recycling projects to assure this happens. Therefore we focus on creating a clear system where clients have access to tools that facilitate the recycling process with Alandro Resources. To our suppliers we provide tailor-made reports on materials delivered, assigned account managers, and continuous program audits to maintain our clients’ trust at all times. To our customers we provide small but effective measures that can help us maintain long term relationships. Measures that include quality assured material, on-time deliveries, and detail reporting of all materials sold.Alandro’s industrial recycling proposals are based on 3 main objectives; to simplify the recycling process, to reduce costs associated with waste disposal, and to maximize your revenue through the sale of your recyclables.

To improve continuously and develop a socially and environmentally responsible company that embraces and promotes integrity and reliability among its team members and customers.


  • Development of employee performance through detailed policies and procedures, training, and recognition of excellence.

  • Proficient use of recyclables to minimize waste generation through efforts that include recycling, innovation, and prevention of pollution.

  • Assessment of environmental performance through auditing with employee accountability and reporting to senior management.

  • Incorporation of environmental responsibilities and considerations into daily operations and business decision-making processes.

  • Become an industry leader in customer value.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

  • To represent materials as they are.

  • To maximize our abilities to provide you with quality-assured commodities.

  • Arrange freight for shipments into and out of our facility. All equipment and drivers that are contracted for

  • services are fully insured and comply with state & federal DOT regulations.

  • Track and supervise all LTL and UPS shipments to assure customer receives orders on demand.

  • Control multi-trailer load transactions and deadline-specific orders

Material We Purchase
Alandro Resources LLC has effective and proven methods to maximize revenues and minimize costs for all of your recycling process. Through custom-designed recycling programs we can provide you with on-going solutions for your industrial by-products and waste. We assist all of our industrial by-product suppliers in having there recycling process be worry-free. We achieve this goal by implementing these 3 main objectives:

  • Simplifying the recycling process of all industrial by-products. We start by reviewing your current system for recycling as well as you overall disposal process. We then implement an updated and improved system where the primary beneficiary is our customer and the environment.

  • Reducing waste and landfilled costs – once the recycling program is implemented, our industrial customers will see the effects and benefits of these effective measures. By having their overall costs in waste disposal being reduced. As well as

  • Maximizing revenues from scrap sales through proper segregation and identification of products.

Materials Accepted

Paper Recycling

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Alandro Resources LLC
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Contact Number: 956.545.1121,
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