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By partnering with the largest recycler in North America, Community Waste Solutions is now able to offer more recycling to Haines than ever before. With our curbside program, you simply set all of your recyclables in a can on your curb each recycle day and you're done. No more sorting. No more hauling. Whats more- we take it all. If it has a recycle symbol on it, it goes. No more throwing away plastics #3, #4, #6 or #7- recycle them!. Glass? Check. Junkmail? Check. Even the unopened junkmail with the plastic window? Recycle it. The best part? Everything goes in one can and youre done.

We provide complete, comprehensive refuse services for the community of Haines. From curbside pickup to self-haul, composting to recycling, C&D disposal to septic and port-a-potty services, we can provide it all. Community Waste Solutions wants to be your one-stop-shop for convenient, competitive and comprehensive waste management solutions.Community Waste Solutions is committed to our customers, community and the environment. Our mission is to create local jobs, provide stable rates, support community waste education through value-adding collaboration and to provide sustainable waste practices for generations to come. CWS strives to achieve these goals each and every day our doors are open to you.

Self Haul
CWS offers full service integrated waste management Monday-Saturday 9am-3pm. We provide fast, friendly, convenient service to everyone. Self-Haul includes mixed waste disposal, single stream recycling, electronics recycling, composting and many other services to meet all of your waste management needs.

We're all operating on a budget. CWS is here to help you manage that budget the best you possibly can. As a self-haul customer, you have many ways to save money in Haines, and CWS wants to be your one and only waste drop off. Dont waste time and money driving all over Haines, getting rid of one stream here and another there. We got you covered.

Curbside Pickup
For over 40 years, CWS has provided trash service to the Haines community. A lot has changed since we first opened our doors including our services and offerings. By implementing Single Stream Recycling- the easiest way to recycle more materials than ever- along with our composting program, CWS has brought Haines' waste management into the 21st century. Whether for your business or home, CWS offers comprehensive solutions to your waste management needs.

Commercial/Dumpster Service:
CWS is here to provide you and your busness with solutions. We offer discounted recycling and with our single stream recycling system, it is now easier than ever to get your business to go green. We provide full support, offering color-coded bags for in-store cans, store signage and consultations at no extra charge! All of our clients also receive CWS Perks. As a small business owner, you have enough on your plate. Let us take care of your trash. You may call anytime and schedule a free exploratory consultation.

CWS provides Haines and Skagway with waste management options that minimize negative environmental impacts. Our services include single stream recycling, separated recycling, mixed-waste disposal, organics composting, construction and demolition disposal and septic pump-out service.Here's what we are doing to keep local control over waste management:

About 80% of what the average American household throws away is recyclable! CWS believes that no modern, sustainable waste and refuse system can overlook recycling as a key component. The Single Stream Recycling ("SSR") program that CWS established in the fall of 2012 not only allows for more materials to be recycled than ever before, it also makes recycling the easiest its ever been! No more sorting. All of your recyclables in one single bag.

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Plastic Scrap

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