Crown Recycling Company

Serving Texas/Mexico industry since 1991, and serving South Texas since 1974. Over the years we have provided a valuable service to the community by recycling household and industrial metal and paper products in areas where recycling programs were previously unavailable.

In 1991, our vision was expanded to include the wave of manufacturers relocating to Mexico ahead of the NAFTA agreement. We were an instant hit with the local maquilladoras, providing a valuable service to the community and the environment, preventing thousands of tons of recyclable materials from entering the local landfills.

Heavy Industrial 
With our roll-off container service, cranes, trucks, and mobile processing equipment, we are able to move large quantities of iron and recyclables with record speed. In this area of expertise, we service the petrochemical, refining, oilfield, gas plant, fabrication industries and demolition projects.

Materials Accepted

Paper Recycling

SL NO Materials Name
1 Phone books
2 Newspaper
3 Cardboard
4 Office paper

Scrap Metals

SL NO Materials Name
1 Iron
2 Nickel
3 Zinc
4 Copper
5 Lead
6 Aluminum Cans

Contact Company

Yard Locations

Crown Recycling Company
Del Rio,Texas
United States
ZIP: 78842,
Contact Number: (432) 336-3553,
Email: info@crownrecycling.net,
Website: http://www.crownrecyclingfacility.net/,

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