E.G Home Limited

We have the opportunity to supply you Hastelloy scrap,  Scrap copper, transformers Aluminum, transformers steel core. Widding motor cores 
Stainless steel scrap. I offer competitive price to the destination.

Materials Accepted

Scrap Metals

SL NO Materials Name
1 #2 Copper Tubing
2 Aluminum Cans
3 Car/Truck Batteries
4 Cast Aluminum
5 Copper Transformers
6 Ferrous Scrap
7 Non-Ferrous Scrap
8 Aluminum
9 Steel
10 Brass
11 Copper
12 Aluminum Radiators
13 Aluminum Wire
14 Copper Transformers
15 Scrap Iron
16 #1 Bare Bright Copper Wire
17 #1 Copper Tubing

Company Services

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Yard Locations

E.G Home Limited
Newark,New Jersey
United States
ZIP: 07014,
Contact Number: 2017012362,
Email: infosales@dr.com,
Website: https://customsinfo6.wixsite.com/copper,

Operating Hours

Monday to Saturday:9:30am to 4:30pm

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