JJ Scrap Metals

JJ Scrap Metal is a fully licensed scrap metal collection and transport company, providing services in Australia. Our services are inspired by the fact that scrap metal collection plays a vital role in the environment and is an important job. With our mobile collection services, we ensure hassle-free experience in discarding the scrap metal from your property. The collected scrap metal is provided to licensed authorities for effective recycling and reuse. Our services are supported by a fleet of vehicles which can carry a wide range of scrap metal.

SCRAP METAL COLLECTION AND TRANSPORT : Recycling and reusing scrap metal has a lot of positive impact on the environment, mainly a decrease in the carbon footprint and prevention of unwanted mining for new metals. At JJ Scrap Metal, we collect and transport all types of scrap metal, including,

Aluminium Scrap
Batteries Scrap
Brass Scrap
Bronze Scrap
PVC Cables and Wires Scrap
Copper Scrap
Electronic Motors Scrap
Stainless Steel Scrap

Materials Accepted

Scrap Metals

SL NO Materials Name
1 Stainless Square Tube
2 Brass Shells
3 Copper Transformers
4 Lead
5 Scrap Iron
6 Aluminum Cans
7 Aluminum Siding
8 Car/Truck Batteries
9 Cast Aluminum
10 Communications Wire
11 Iron
12 Aluminum
13 Aluminum Foil
14 Brass
15 Bushelling
16 Copper
17 301 Stainless Steel
18 Radiators
19 201 Stainless Steel
20 Aluminum Radiators
21 316 Stainless Steel Coil
22 Aluminum Wire
23 Stainless Steel Plate
24 Brass Radiators

Contact Company

Yard Locations

JJ Scrap Metals
ZIP: 3978,
Contact Number: 0406 067 704,
Email: jjscrapmetals.au@gmail.com,
Website: http://www.jjscrapmetals.com.au/,

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday:8:30AM–4:30PM

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